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Gas Interlock System
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Gas Interlock System

We supply and fit gas interlock systems to commercial kitchens such as take-a-ways, restaurants, hotels, pubs, guest houses, nursing homes and other commercial catering outlets.

To comply with gas safety standard BS 6173, all new kitchen installations must have a gas/ventilation interlock installed. The interlock simply shuts off the gas system when no air flow is detected through the ventilation system.

Gas interlock systems protect the area from dangerous gas build up, when the ventilation is not running, or the area is unoccupied.

Gas interlock systems range from simple ventilation interlocks, to the more advanced gas proving and leak detection systems.

A standard interlock system include:

  • Air flow interlock
  • Fire alarm interlock
  • Gas proving switch interlock
  • External gas stop buttons
  • Additional external time clocks



Diagram of Gas Interlocking System

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